Animal Songs: Deluxe Package

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The extra items featured here are in limited supply and won’t last long!

Animal Songs by Chad Koeplinger features 50 exciting animal heads; some you've seen and some you haven't!  Aside from being thrilling, useful, and entertaining, this collection will also make you ponder what it means to be an animal.  In addition, you will get to experience Chad's sketching process for each completed painting.  When you order this deluxe edition, however, you will also be treated to a limited-edition 7" record of Chad himself offering a sonic exploration of each animal as you journey further through the pages.  We recommend a good set of headphones or a quality listening room as this is truly the best way to experience the book.   Only 500 of these records have been pressed, so secure yours today!

This collectible hardbound book features an embossed fabric cover.  All copies will be hand-numbered within the edition of 1,500.  Presented in a 6″ x 8″ format.
This deluxe package includes:
- Animal Songs book
- 7" record

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