About Us

Started in 2009 by Zach Nelligan and Ezra Haidet, LLL Books is now run by Zach, a full-time tattooer at Mainstay Tattoo in Austin, Texas.  Built upon a foundation of quality and attention to detail, we strive to release books that are useful, innovative, and fun.  Each book spotlights the art of the top contemporary tattooers of today, ranging widely in style and subject matter.

LLL Books is an enterprise born of creativity and passion, so each release is strictly limited to keep it manageable in numbers.  Books are released for fun, not for profit, so great care is taken to select projects that are of great interest.  While some of the pages feature tattoo flash and reference material for common tattoo themes, on a larger scope they encourage the participating artists to run with their imaginations and fully flex their capabilities, with astonishing results.

What started as an experiment has quickly grown into a full line of incredible collections of art, each more cohesive than the last.  Whether used as tattoo reference books, coffee table books, or collectibles as part of your library, there’s always something new to be found each time you flip through the pages of a LLL Book.