How can I participate in a book / do you accept submissions?

We do not accept open submissions.  We only handle the publishing/distribution side of our books.  Questions about participation should always be directed to the authors, although they are usually done through invitation.  If you feel like you might have been overlooked by accident, please do not hesitate to contact them!

Do you ship to my country?

Yes.  Proceed through the checkout process for country and shipping options.

Do you take PayPal/phone payment/wire transfer?

No, the only electronic form of payment we are able to accept is through this web site.  The only alternative would be to find us at a convention and pay cash (we are not able to bring orders to conventions for pick-up).  To see which conventions we will be at, follow us on Instagram via @lllbooks.

When can I expect my package?

We are a two-person team and this is a side business outside of tattooing.  Because of this, packages do not go out everyday.  We usually ship about twice per week.

USPS Media Mail:  This is the cheapest way to send books within the U.S. but can take up to a couple weeks.

USPS Priority Mail:  This is the fastest way to send within the U.S. and takes about two business days from being sent.  We usually try to ship these within a day or two of being ordered.

International:  Time for delivery widely varies based on country and time spent going through international customs, normally about 2-4 weeks.  Our pricing for this is the cheapest that we can make it.

My tracking shows my package was delivered but I did not receive it...

You will be best helped by your local post office or mail carrier.  Once a package leaves our hands we rely on the same tracking information that you do and can offer no additional details.  All shipping labels are automated and printed with the exact shipping address that you provide.  Oftentimes, the situation comes down to incorrect information in the address or the package delivered to the wrong address.

Do you do wholesale?

Yes!  Contact us and we can go over minimums and discounts.

Can you publish my book?

We usually strictly work with people we know personally.  If you know us and have a cool idea or questions about a book, drop a line.  Otherwise, we might still consider it if you're a well known credible tattooer and we believe in your idea.

Hey, my book arrived damaged!

So sorry about that!  This happens very rarely, but books are fragile and it does occur from time to time.  Please contact us and we can make it right.

It's been several weeks since I ordered.  Where is my book?

Just like damage, lost items are very rare but do happen on occasion.  Check the tracking number in your shipping e-mail first and then contact your local post office.  If they are unable to resolve the situation, please feel free to reach out to us.

What is your return/exchange policy?

Please read our return policy here.