The Skull Book

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Over 100 pages of skull-themed flash by some of today's best tattooers.  Functional as a reference book and beautiful as a coffee table book, this title has the potential to both make you money and bring you joy from flipping its pages for years to come.  Organized by Isaac Starr from San Francisco, this project is a follow-up to The Rose Book and will be as essential to any library of tattoo subject matter.

This collectible hardbound book features a thick leatherette cover.  100+ artists presented in an 8.5″ x 11″ format.

Chummy Alexanian 

George Archer

Jeremy Ross Armstrong

Joey Armstrong

Joel Baca

Rob Benavides

Khristian Bennett

Matt Bivetto

Imme Boehme 

Beau Brady

Jospeh Bryce

Justin Burnout 

Stefano C. 

Andy Campoy

Frankie Caraccioli

El Carlo

Joey Cassina

Ben Cheese

Andy Chism

Oliver Christenson 


Andreas Coenen 

Dawn Cooke

Doc Cooper

Pari Corbitt 

Ben Corn 

Mark Cross 

Mike Davis 

Waldo Del Rocca

Steve Delgado 

Tony Derigo 

Paul Dobleman 

Jason Donahue 

Holly Ellis

Kore Flatmo 

Hector Fong 

Ben Fordree

Tomás Garcia 

Phil Geck

Nate Glomb

Jason Tyler Grace

Ezra Haidet

Hans Heggum 

Nico Henriksen

Aaron Hodges

Matt Howse

Brian Hutflies

Marina Inoue

Erik Jacobsen


Ross K. Jones

Mary Joy

Jason June

Myles Karr

Jason Kelly

Krooked Ken 

Michele L’Abbate

Chris Lain

Jen Lee

Tim Lehi 

Filip Leu

Weldon Lewis 

Fernando Lions

Dane Mancini 

Austin Maples

Gustavo Martinez

Talley Matthew

Alex Matus

James McKenna 

Ben Mcqueen 

Marius Meyer

Le Mikele 

Theo Mindell 

Aiden Monahan 

David Moore 

Zach Nelligan

Tony Nilsson

Jonas Nyberg

Bryce Oprandi 


Brian Paul

Sean Perkinson

Jason Phillips

Heath Preheim 

Mark Pricks 

Juan Puente 

Bryan Randolph 

Dave Reed

Eddy Reyes 

Kahlil Rintye

Bailey Hunter Robinson 

Greg Rojas 

Ben Rorke 

El Rotor 

Robert Ryan 

Adrian Sanchez 


Kapten Hanna Sandstrom

El Monga Sasturain

Ryan Shaffer

Justin Shaw

Liam Sparkes

Luke Stewart 

Jesse Strother

John Sultana 

Jesse Trefethen Swanson 

Shane Swift

David Tejero 


Morten Transeth 

Capilli Tupou


Justin Weatherholtz

Ricky Williams 

Megan Wilson 

Christoffer Wøien 

Brad Lee Worthen