2012: The End is Here

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2012: The End is Here features some of the greatest tattooers working in the field today, sharing their visions of things to come.  Through both paintings and text, take the journey through this handsomely bound hardcover and hand-numbered volume.  Without a doubt, our best title to date.  Features a foreword by writer Daniel Pinchbeck and an introduction by Nick Baxter.  Only 1,000 available.

This collectible hardbound book features a leatherette cover and red ribbon book marker.  All copies will be hand-numbered within the edition of 1,000.  80+ artists presented in a 9″ x 11.25″ format.

George Archer

Jeremy Barber

Nick Baxter

Aaron Bell

Rob Benavides

Enrique Bernal

Denny Besnard

Big Frank

Matt Bivetto

Matthias Böettcher

Brother Greg

Fip Buchanan

Steve Burlton

Joe Caiazza

Andy Canino

Wes Carter

Enrique Castillo

Jay Cavna

Sam Chamberlain

Ben Cheese

Andy Chism

Cris Cleen

Casey Cokrlic

Aaron Coleman

Scottie DeVille

Paul Anthony Dobleman

Sebastian Domaschke

Jason Donahue

Eric Doyle

Holly Ellis

Scott Ellis

Virginia Elwood

Ryan Fink

Kore Flatmo

Ezra Haidet



Aaron Hodges

Erik Jocobsen


Ish Johnson

Jason June

Victor Kensinger

Jason D. Leisge

Filip Leu

Weldon Lewis

Nick Ley

Jim Little

Will Lollie

Joel Long

Dan Martin

Josh Mason

Alex McWatt

John Mohawk

Aiden Monahan

Zach Nelligan

Derek Noble

Joey Ortega

David Parker

Jorge Perez

Jason Phillips

Mark Pricks

Bryan Randolph 


Ashley Riot

Heidi Scheck

Jason Schroder

Justin Shaw

Adam Shrewsbury

Paul Slifer

Hunter Spanks

Andrew Stickler

Tom Strom

Jesse Swanson

Stephanie Tamez

William Thidemann


Steve Turner

Uncle Allan

Matt Van Cura

Erik Von Bartholomaus

Adam Walsh 

Kurt Wiscombe

Jon Zig

Yoni Zilber