The Bird Book - SCRATCH & DENT

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Please be aware this product may arrive with minor imperfections on the cover, binding, or edges of the pages.  These blemishes in no way detract from the content inside and merely prevent us from charging full price.  No returns or exchanges due to damage.

Over 150 pages of bird-themed flash by some of today's best tattooers.  Functional as a reference book and beautiful as a coffee table book, this title has the potential to both make you money and bring you joy from flipping its pages for years to come. Organized by Isaac Starr from San Francisco, this project is a follow-up to The Cat Book and will be as essential to any library of tattoo subject matter.

This collectible hardbound book features a thick leatherette cover.  150+ artists presented in an 8.5″ x 11″ format.

Tyler Abner

Beau Adams

Graeme Allan

Liam Alvy

Ivan Antonyshev

Joey Armstrong

Tom Arnison 

Herb Auerbach

Chris Ayalin

Rob Benavides

Henry Big

Bart Bingham

Henry Black

Imme Boehme

Jill Bonny

Beau Brady

Max Brain

David Bruehl

Joseph Bryce

Matt Burgdorf

Devin Burnett

George Campise

Andy Canino

Matt Cannon

Lindsey Carmichael 

Joey Cassina

Micah Caudle

Joe Chatt

Craig “Boxcar” Chasen

Ben Cheese

Andy Chism

Oliver Christenson

Andreas Coenen

Casey Cokrlic

Aaron Coleman

Gordon Combs

Dawn Cooke

Freddy Corbin

Jarret Crosson

Mike Davis

Waldo Del Rocca

Steve Delgado

Erik Dobleman

Paul Dobleman 

Jason Donahue

Greg Dyer

Kelly Edwards

Holly Ellis

Joe Ellis


Chris Fernandez

Ben Fiedler

Violet Fivel

Erich Foster

Gary Gerhardt

Andrea Giulimondi

Jeff Gleason

Nate GLomb

Jason Tyler Grace

Randy Hall

Tyler Harrington

Mikael Harrstedt

Hans Heggum

Nicholas Henriksen

Ross Henry

George Hernandez


Aaron Hodges

Justin Horan


Matt Howse

Brian Hutflies

Erik Jacobsen

Dana James


Stefan Johnsson

Ross K. Jones

Mary Joy

Myles Karr

Krooked Ken

Jamie King

Mitch Kirilo

Chad Koeplinger

Jason Kralovetz

Jon Larson

Carolyn Lebourgeois

Jen Lee

Diletta Lembo


Filip Leu

Titine Leu

Weldon Lewis

Joel Madberg

Andre Malcolm

Austin Maples

Joshua Marks

Gustavo Martinez

Josh Mason

Nick Mayes

Gordon Mccloud

Britton Mcfetridge

Andrew Mcleod

Ben Mcqueen

Marius Meyer

Le Mikele

Cameron Miller

Jesse Mitchell

Derick Montez

Kawika Montoya

David Moore

Rob Mopar

Iain Mullen

Marc Nava

Zach Nelligan

Ryan Neri

W.T. Norbert

Nick Oaks

Daniel Octoriver

Phillip Ohme

Olivia Olivier

Vinse One

Bryce Oprandi

Ralf “Osti” Ostermöller

Nicholas Paine

Sean Perkinson

Jason Phillips

Heath Preheim

Chuey Quintanar

John Raftery

Katja Ramirez

Bryan Randolph

Jacob Redmond

Jaclyn Réhe

Fredy Ricca

Kahlil Rintye

Thad Ritchey

Louie Rivers

Bailey Hunter Robinson

Nick Rodin

Greg Rojas

Ben Rorke

Steffan Ross

Gary Royal

Elisa Röwer

Adrian Sanchez


Kapten Hanna Sandstrom

Cory Schofield

Lara Scotton

Marie Sena

Drake Sheehan

Dan Sinnes

Hunter Spanks


Daniel Stewart

Andrew Stickler


Beppe Strambini

Jesse Strother

Mike Suarez

Josh Sutterby

Jesse Trefethen Swanson


Trevor Taylor


Tumbleweed Tomas

Morten Transeth

Laurent Trelaun

Capilli Tupou

Steve Vonriepen

Jay Watkins

Matt Wes

Jake Whitson

Alex Widell

Christoffer Wøien

Brad Lee Worthen